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“for me, the purpose of photography is to see in an objective way. why should i try to project my sentiments or my own state of mind onto something which is already expressing itself? of course, objectivity is the opposite of subjectivity. we have trouble separating the two, one beginning where the other one leaves off. and objectivity doesn’t mean that the truth has been found: far from it. it means that the object represented is allowed to speak for itself.” hilla becher


Javier Agustín Rojas (buenos aires, 1989) is an architect, editor and architecture photographer. graduate of the instituto libre de segunda enseñanza (2006) and architect by the universidad de belgrano (2013), rojas studied photography between 2007 and 2008 with ricardo torossian and juan travnik at the escuela argentina de fotografía. he served as the executive editor of plot magazine from 2014 to 2017, where he started working as an editor in 2012. during 2014 he was an editorial assistant at pin-up (new york, usa). in 2017 his work was included in the first photography exhibition of the bienal de arquitectura latinoamericana of the universidad de navarra (pamplona). rojas has written on contemporary architecture and his images has been widely published in several international media such as 2g, l’architecture d’aujourd’hui and mark, among other.

rojas currently lives and works independently in buenos aires, where he collaborates with architects, artists, archives and museums. his work uses photography as a tool for the analysis and the discussion of the urban environment. he is currently working on his first book, “aire y luz” (paripé books).


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tomás pérez amenta, olivia gorodisch, gala cabrera, alejandra chada

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